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Blackstone Consulting

Blackstone Consulting will tailor and implement a strategic development plan to help your firm grow to its next level of success.

Our program is based on proven business acumen, focused relationship management, and behavior skills that will inspire positive growth for your team and organization.

We offer you a unique experience by providing over 40 years of corporate sales and business development experience and

over 65 years of death care industry experience

Seminar Topics

  • Developing Community Resource Programs
  • Defining Culture and Leveraging Strengths
  • Entrepreneurial Approach to Business Development
  • Achieving Better Guest Satisfaction with a “My Pleasure” Culture
  • Using Technology to Benefit Consumers
  • Creating Experiences Through Products and Services
  • Value Selling Proposition
  • Inspiring Change to Adapt to an Evolving Industry and World

Our seminars can be completed in 1/2 day, full day, or multi-day sessions.

We focus on 3 main areas of your business:

Industry Direction, Technology, & Business Development

Blackstone Consulting views each cemetery and funeral home as unique based on three specific areas: People, Process, and Product.

We work through and within your organization to develop a customized, tangible and sustainable growth plan for your team while adding value to your customer’s experience.

1. Industry Direction

  • Insights on industry trends and how they affect your business
  • Providing tools for a brighter tomorrow
  • Developing sustainable hospitality programs
  • Vision for the next generation of funeral consumers

2. Technology

  • Total analysis of integrated technology systems
  • Navigating through effective tools for operations and sales
  • Alleviating the fear of updating software programs
  • Effective use of Customer Relations Management systems

3. Business Development

  • Equipping teams for new norms in the industry
  • Enhancing customer relations
  • Cultural and leadership development
  • Establishing a business growth plan

Our team has worked with companies of every level and size inside and outside of the death care industry. This vast experience throughout service industries provides Blackstone Consulting with unparalleled vision and insight. Our work experience outside of the death care industry includes these satisfied companies:


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